Georgia Perry’s Festive Designs

The Australian graphic artist's bright and bold creations truly bring the holiday cheer this season


Whatever the holidays mean to you—be it celebrating Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, Festivus, eating too much, or something else—Georgia Perry‘s delightfully colorful greeting cards do well to match the mood of the season. From geometric Christmas trees and rainbow-colored letters spelling out “LOVE” to more abstract leaf-inspired designs, the cards are super-playful and cheerful. Perry tells CH, “I love the holidays because it finally means you can catch a break. And in Australia, Christmas means summer and color—which is something I always use in my work.”


On her inspiration and motivation for her seasonal creations, Perry says, “I’m originally from Sydney and have only lived in Melbourne a short while, but I think I’m pretty vibey no matter what the season. That being said, when you get a nice sunny day in Melbourne you really do feel as though you’ve earned it. The streets come alive with people, sounds, colors, smells, and just walking around can give you new ideas. Sydney is a queen though—almost everyday seems like paradise. I found it harder to get work done in Sydney because you’d just want to be outside or at the beach everyday. My productivity definitely went up when we moved to Melbourne last winter and were immediately forced into hibernation!”


The talented artist also just released a 2015 calendar of her designs, complete with a bright, bold illustration for each month that’s sure to get some positive feelings flowing. While the cards and calendar are certainly timely, any of the Australian artist’s creations—be it her take on the Kim and Kanye Vogue cover or a stunning silk scarf—would likely make a great gift over the holidays, or any time of year, for that matter. “Being my own client is fun for a change too—making decisions about materials and packaging, etc—makes me excited for a new year and all the new things I want to make,” says Perry, alluding to other news that she’ll be focusing more on her scarves in 2015.

Visit Perry’s online store to purchase a set of greeting cards for $18 AUD, the 2015 calendar for $30 AUD or just browse her delightful range of goodies.

Images courtesy of Georgia Perry