Immune Revival

Founded by Dr Sarah Rahal MD, ARMRA uses proprietary technology to distill colostrum—the first milk that humans and mammals produce during pregnancy which contains all the essential nutrients needed for infants to thrive—into a bioavailable form: Immune Revival. Using colostrum from grass-fed cows raised in family-owned farms in the US, the potent concentrate (available in blood orange or with no added flavoring) packs over 200 …

Good Sh*t: Your Holistic Guide to the Best Poop of Your Life

With the right blend of guidance and humor, the interactive paperback Good Sh*t: Your Holistic Guide to the Best Poop of Your Life aims to gauge and improve each reader’s overall well-being by focusing on their gut health. Written by (full-time yoga teachers) Julia Blohberger and Roos Neeter, the 128-page conversational manual even includes an easy-to-use journal to include your own experience.

Brooklyn’s BKE Kombucha Blends Healthcare, Heritage + Honesty

These delicate brews reflect the story of two frontline workers with a passion for fermentation

Biting into a sweet, juicy mango on a hot day in India—that’s the feeling that drinking BKE Kombucha’s mango version evokes, even for those who didn’t grow up spending their summers in Asia. But for Dr Saleena Subaiya, co-founder of BKE, nostalgic memories like these helped craft the flavor profiles of her and Dr Lawrence Purpura’s delicate brew. Together, the business (and life) partners bottle …