Post-Shave Mist

Heavy creams and balms, though effective, can leave your face feeling clogged and sticky post-shave. Harry’s post-shave mist is made from aloe, seaweed and Thai basil, and gently coats without smothering. Its extra-fine consistency immediately cools, refreshes and hydrates skin.

Three-Pack Lip Balm

While some people’s idea of kissable lips is glossy ones, Harry’s understands that many of us just want an inconspicuous way to soothe chapped lips. Made with shea butter, their new lip balm relieves lips and also protects from the sun thanks to its SPF 15 formula. With a peppermint flavor and no shiny residue, this lip salve (which comes in a three-pack) is for …

New Men’s Skincare Products for Fall 2015

From cleanser to fragrance, our favorite new finds

Prompted by the introduction of the Clarisonic Alpha Fit, we collected our favorite new men’s skincare items, guaranteed to start your day off right. While some of these products bend gender classification, the guys on the Cool Hunting staff have grown fond of them. We lean toward the pure, the simple and the efficacious when it comes to skin care, typically from smaller brands. Here’s …