New Men’s Skincare Products for Fall 2015

From cleanser to fragrance, our favorite new finds

Prompted by the introduction of the Clarisonic Alpha Fit, we collected our favorite new men’s skincare items, guaranteed to start your day off right. While some of these products bend gender classification, the guys on the Cool Hunting staff have grown fond of them. We lean toward the pure, the simple and the efficacious when it comes to skin care, typically from smaller brands. Here’s what you’ll find in our bathroom lately.

Clarisonic Alpha Fit

We’ve been fans of the Clarisonic face brush since its launch in 2004. When we got a call to meet with one of its inventors, Dr Robb Akridge, to see their new Alpha Fit model specifically designed for men we didn’t hesitate to learn about and test out their latest product. The Alpha Fit offers guys the same technology in a new and different form. It has two settings: one for clean-shaven and one for bearded faces—the latter is new to the Clarisonic product line. The brush head oscillates at 300 rpm, and the way in which the oscillation works with the fibers on the brush creates the path to optimal cleaning. We’re hooked. Available for $189 at Clarisonic.

Harry’s Face Wash

Harry’s razors are another staple in our grooming regime, and their new Face Wash scrubs and tingles in all the right ways. It’s lightly exfoliating with its volcanic rock, sparkly with peppermint and eucalyptus and moisturizing with coconut water and aloe. Use it on the Clarisonic Alpha Fit to start your day out right. Well-priced, a 5.1 oz tube costs only $7. Available from Harry’s.

Port Products Skin Renewing Face Scrub No. 5

Mondays are scrub days, and Port Product’s Skin Renewing Face Scrub starts the week off refreshingly. It’s a blend of walnut shells and glycolic acid that help strip last week’s dead skin off, then calms with turmeric, sea buckthorn berry, spirulina and bamboo extracts. It smells fresh and earthy, too. Available in a 6 oz option from The Motley for $28.

Kahina Giving Beauty Facial Lotion

A single pump from this travel-friendly bottle provides a powerful dose of Argan oil-based moisturizer. Though not exclusively for men, we’ve become hooked on its clean and concentrated nourishment. Available in 1.6 fl oz for $68 from Beauty Heroes.

Goldfadden MD Energetic Eye Cream

Dr Gary Goldfadden, a practicing dermatologist in Miami, is the eponymous creator of this robust line of clean and simple skin care products. Long days, hyper travel and too many hours staring at screens necessitates a product to perk up our eyes, and his new Energetic Eye Cream has helped make us look like normal people again with less puffiness and fewer dark circles. It’s expensive, but a very small amount goes a long way given the use of plant-based stem cells. .5 fl oz for $145, available from Goldfaden MD.

Wertz Beard Oil

It’s no secret that the oils from argon, avocado, kukui and coconut are among the most nourishing Mother Nature can provide. Combined with the aromas of cedar, rosemary and lavender Wertz’s Desert scented beard oil promises to keep manly scruff clean and smelling great. Available from the WertzNatural shop on Etsy. 1 fl oz for $30.

Buckler’s Chapped Lip Remedy

Combining natural moisturizers with cooling peppermint, Buckler’s Chapped Lip Remedy hydrates and soothes without adding a distracting shine. The formula is all-natural and avoids suspicious parabens and petroleum, plus it comes in a handsome silver tube. Available from The Motley, .5 fl oz for $7.

Aesop Tacit Eau de Parfum

Finding a scent that expresses who you are without beating passers-by over the head can be quite a challenge. Tacit, the first scent from Aesop, offers a clean, grounded scent that’s distinctive but unobtrusive. Notes of Yuzu and Basil are set somewhere off the Mediterranean coast. Available from Aesop, 1.7 fl oz for $110.

Images by Josh Rubin