Holiday Gift Guides 2021: Musicality

For singers, dancers, composers, listeners and lovers of music

Music inspires, energizes and moves us. It binds moments and memories. It soothes, excites and supports—and it’s a fundamental for many, including us at COOL HUNTING. Whether it’s sharing songs, making playlists, digging for records, testing headphones and speakers, playing instruments or reading about a favorite band, there are no limits to the pleasure of being in love with music. Inside our Musicality gift guide, …

Ambassador Interpreter

Ideal for individuals and teams, Waverly Labs’ Ambassador Interpreter ensures you never miss a detail in the conversation—whether it’s in French, German, Vietnamese, Mandarin or another language. Equipped with two mics that can capture speech from up to eight feet away, easy click-to-talk translation settings and group options that allow up to four units to sync to a single device via their free IOS and …

NuraTrue Earphones

Nura’s newest audio product, the wireless NuraTrue earphones improve noise-cancellation along with the sound quality. Providing exceptional bass and clear phone calls, the buds are ideal for audiophiles. They’re also water-resistant, with an IPX4 rating—meaning they’re safe from splashes and sweat. They come with a fast-charging case as well as four sets of different sized silicone ear-tips.