Holt Helmet

Smith’s all-season Holt Helmet doesn’t sacrifice comfort or style as it maintains protection. Featuring advanced ABS construction for impact-resistance, the Holt incorporates a self-adjusting fit system that molds the helmet to a wearer’s head, bombshell ear-pads for cold weather and 14 vents paired with AirEvac’s ventilation system to keep air flowing and prevent googles from fogging. Available in black, white, red or mint green, the …

Winter Biking Apparel + Accessories

From garments to gear, everything cyclists need to maintain pedal pleasure through colder months

Seasoned cyclists and rookies alike have been riding for practicality and play through the warmer months, but as the weather shifts so must the approach of many bikers. To maintain cycling’s appeal and safety, even in incumbent weather, the right gear is crucial. Here we have gathered some of our favorite products to keep you warm, protected and more comfortable as you pedal through winter. …

Memphis Movement Helmet

Available in three sizes, Thousand and Poketo’s collaborative Memphis Movement helmet is lightweight, safe and stylish. There’s a hidden hole for locking the helmet to your bike, seven vents for optimal breathability, a magnetic front buckle and an adjustable rear fit, vegan leather straps and a low-profile visor. It’s also both CPSC and EN 1078 safety certified.