Calm Tea

Founded in Brooklyn by Dr Maria Geyman ND, Masha Tea crafts healing, restorative brews that don’t compromise on flavor. For this calming tea, a combination of organic chrysanthemum, chamomile and lemon balm soothes while imparting lightly floral and earthy notes.

Tri-Bouquet Tea Set

With a mission to bring tranquility to people’s daily rituals, Lisa Li founded The Qi, a tea brand that uses whole flowers. Sourced from small, family-owned farms, the high-quality blossoms are hand-picked, cultivated sustainably and grown organically. The Tri-Bouquet Set is an enchanting bundle of naturally caffeine-free teas comprised of three flowers: Blue Lotus, Shangri-La Rose and Royal Chrysanthemum. In addition, the bundle includes a …

Sleep Tea

Made from chamomile and lavender (of course with no caffeine or stimulants), this Sleep Tea is an ideal way to wind down. More than encouraging one to fall sleep faster, it also coaxes the body into a restorative deep sleep cycle—hopefully meaning drinkers should wake up well-rested.