P&T’s New Master Blends

The Berlin-based specialty shop offers six creative (and organic) offerings that highlight tea's potential

Augmenting the tea experience since it opened in December 2012, Berlin-based P&T (short for Paper & Tea) has been a place of discovery and education, sans the snootiness. Freshly added to their beautiful range of whole loose-leaf teas and herbal infusions—carefully sourced for their integrity—are P&T’s six organic Master Blends; custom blends which add a creative jolt to your current tea ritual, both visually and upon consumption. It should especially invigorate those who’ve been in a tea slump over the winter season and are ready to experiment.

“Brave New Earl” is a sophisticated twist on none other than the classic Earl Grey. Taking inspiration from G&Ts, this offering features juniper berries (typically used to flavor gin) within the bergamot and tea flowers. Another example, the “Woodlander” (pictured close-up below) mixes Pu-erh tea with root vegetables and seeds like stinging nettle leaves, fennel, burdock root, dandelion root and even carrot strips—it’s like hugging a warm forest. “Sweet Lullaby” one-ups your sleepy-time chamomile tea by adding lemon verbena, lime-tree blossoms, lemongrass, more stinging nettle leaves, citrus peels, rose petals and hops to the mix. Even with what seems to be intricate, complicated blends, all you need to do is steep them in hot water for two to four minutes. And this dedication to the ingredients, paired with straightforward unfussiness, is what makes P&T a favorite.

Find the range of Master Blends in loose-leaf or teabag form, starting from €11, at P&T’s online shop (shipped internationally via DHL’s CO2-neutral GoGreen shipping) or at one of their two stores in Berlin. ABC Carpet & Home also has some P&T exclusives, but they unfortunately do not stock these custom blends.

Images by Cool Hunting