Holiday Gift Guides 2022: Musicality

Whether a fan of R&B or rock, hip-hop, alt-pop, punk, jazz or soul, there's a present for all music-lovers

Music inspires, motivates, soothes and thrills us. It’s an emissary of memories. Whether sharing our favorite songs, looking for records, testing headphones and speakers, playing instruments or reading about a beloved band, there are no limits to the pleasure of being in love with music. Inside our Musicality gift guide, you will find everything from record box-sets to turntables, merch, biographies and more—chosen for those …

Holiday Gift Guides 2022: $25 and Under

More affordable present ideas for a season that often gets expensive

Whether it’s because of buying gifts for what feels like countless friends and family members, taking part in present exchanges with colleagues, attending events, New Year’s Eve parties, or traveling for the holidays, December can get expensive. For all those occasions and more, we have scoured the internet to assemble our annual $25 and Under gift guide which is populated with thoughtful, celebratory and design-forward presents for …

Assorted Gummy Bear Ornaments

Available in a set of six, these gummy bear ornaments from Valentine, Nebraska-based Cody Foster & Co add a whimsical and retro touch to the holidays. Colorful and kitsch, these blown-glass baubles can be hung from a tree or around the house.