Holiday Gift Guides 2019: Art + Photography Nerds

From limited edition prints to art books, camera accessories and so much more

Sometimes a reminder of the world’s infinite beauty, art can also deliver important messages that are otherwise near-impossible to convey. As such, art, design and photography form the foundation of COOL HUNTING. Today, we present two of our most creative-minded gift guides: Art Nerds and Aperture Priority. For those interested in (or even obsessed with) photography and art in general, gifts that will inspire, assist, and entertain populate both. Each category is full of covetable books, but there are also some tools of the trade, limited edition prints, original artwork, on-theme apparel and much more. Take a look at the Art Nerds and Aperture Priority guides now, and for gifts beyond visual art, our full BUY section is constantly updated throughout the holiday season.

Hero image courtesy of Ray Geary Art