Three Step Kit

Comprising their cleanser, elixir and spritz, Sowvital’s Three Step Kit aims to help indoor gardeners foster healthier house plants. The cleanser removes dust and dirt via Aomori Hiba Essensia (an anti-microbial oil from Northern Japan) while offering nourishment via coconut oil. The elixir is brimming with nutrients to help with strong and lush foliage. The Spritz contains manganese, zinc and magnesium to encourage chlorophyll formation. …


The BOA III is a whimsical, design-forward way to provide structural support to plants. Made from powder coated steel, the stake (which comes in lilac or blue) weaves and curves to mirror the flow and growth of vines—a delightful visual that doubles as playful home decor. Price is in Australian dollars.

Spun Planter

Now available in a large size (16 by 14 inches), YIELD’s Spun Planter is made from a single sheet of aluminum. It features a perforated disc along its base that keeps out excess water, prevents root rot and allows water to evaporate back into the soil when it dries out.