Fantastical Landscapes from Frieze Los Angeles and Felix Art Fair

Scenes that envision a world as only an artist can

With renewed exuberance, Frieze Los Angeles and Felix Art Fair opened their doors last week; the former within sprawling tents across from The Beverly Hilton hotel, the latter in the corridors of the Hollywood Roosevelt hotel. Frieze, an acclaimed contemporary art fair that also passes through London, New York City and (for the first time this year) Seoul, presented an astounding array of work. Felix, an LA-only …

Maximo Riera Toad Sofa

A baroque bench with a massive amphibian rear rounds out the Animal Chair Collection

As an artist, sculptor and photographer, Maximo Riera has used his eye and craft of creating dramatic works across disciplines in his most recent project, The Animal Chair Collection. The ever-growing series of biologically accurate animals covers mammals, reptiles and insects from the octopus and elephant to walrus and beetle and now, the toad. The dynamic, sculptural furniture is certainly not for the faint of …

Creativity Sets

Allow children to express different aspects of their creativity with these reusable kits from Zolo, which each include 25 thematic play-sculpture pieces to use in inspirational activities and construction challenges for ages 5 and up.