Maximo Riera Toad Sofa

A baroque bench with a massive amphibian rear rounds out the Animal Chair Collection


As an artist, sculptor and photographer, Maximo Riera has used his eye and craft of creating dramatic works across disciplines in his most recent project, The Animal Chair Collection. The ever-growing series of biologically accurate animals covers mammals, reptiles and insects from the octopus and elephant to walrus and beetle and now, the toad. The dynamic, sculptural furniture is certainly not for the faint of heart, as the baroque styling and massive amphibian rear can be quite intimidating, but individual tastes aside, the intricate detailing and commitment to anatomical design are commendable.


The contrast between the traditional bench in the front and hind toad legs is muted by a monochrome black colorway, leaving the two-seater’s size and shape to make a statement not unlike something we’d expect to see after enjoying the psychedelic side effects of kissing a Cane Toad. For more information on the toad sofa and the rest of The Animal Chair Collection visit Maximo Riera online.