Listen Up

From synth to soul, folk to falsetto and beyond, our favorite songs from the week

Kilo Kish: SPARK Digital and distorted, Kilo Kish’s “SPARK” proves catchy and enjoyably offbeat. Comprised of a glitchy, buzzing synth, the every-so-often output of a drum machine and Kish’s drawn out vocals, the single deviates from the artist’s recent releases, but does so in a way that feels natural. “This time, I really lost it / Don’t know where you are / Let’s hope I come …

Tame Impala: Posthumous Forgiveness

Another single from Tame Impala’s forthcoming album, The Slow Rush (out 14 February), “Posthumous Forgiveness,” proves far more personal than the band’s typical releases. Lead singer and multi-instrumentalist Kevin Parker lucidly details several moments that he longs for with his late father: “Wanna tell you ’bout the time / I was in Abbey Road / Or the time that I had / Mick Jagger on the phone …

Birthh: Yello / Concrete

Newcomer Birthh (aka Florence-born Alice Bisi) marks her debut London show with a new song, “Yello / Concrete.” Blending folk, hip-hop, neo-soul and lo-fi, Birthh creates a pretty and distinct soundscape. The song ebbs and flows with gentle guitar, keys and laidback percussion, but it’s Bisi’s sweet speak-sing vocals that draw it all together.