Indigo Garment Dye Kit

A powdered indigo dye developed at Aikuma Senryo (originally a Chinese herbal apothecary founded in Tokyo circa 1818), Yamato Indigo makes it easy to dye apparel, accessories and other fabrics at home. This kit includes enough of each individual component to concoct a large vat of dye in order to lend a vibrant hue to shirts, pants and even sneakers. Specifically, that means 50 grams …

CH Japan: Indigo Dyeing Leather + Cotton

From the Tokushima farm of Yoshiharu Toyama to the vats of dye master Naoyuki Asai in Kyoto

Many people don’t know where natural indigo comes from or realize how few indigo farms are left in Japan—only five in Tokushima, the country’s traditional indigo farming region. Indigo is a green plant that has a higher percentage of blue than other green plants (though most have some). Traditional indigo dye in Japan is made from sukumo, which is what the harvested and fermented indigo …

Indigo Apron

Buaisou’s handmade indigo garments, cloths and tapestries have an undeniable uniqueness. Slight variations in color (thanks to the dyeing process, washes and fading) only add to their character. This apron, made from 52% cotton and 48% linen, is lightweight but durable. The cross-back button straps reduce strain and a pouch pocket offers reinforced storage.