Hand-Dyed Indigo Uchiwa Fan

From Tokushima, Japan-based Awagami, a washi brand run by the Fujimori family, comes a lovely Uchiwa fan—a traditional Japanese non-folding fan whose style dates back to the 14th century. Hand-dyed with indigo in an ombre pattern by Awagami artisans, it’s made from kozo paper and bamboo.

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Indigo Garment Dye Kit

A powdered indigo dye developed at Aikuma Senryo (originally a Chinese herbal apothecary founded in Tokyo circa 1818), Yamato Indigo makes it easy to dye apparel, accessories and other fabrics at home. This kit includes enough of each individual component to concoct a large vat of dye in order to lend a vibrant hue to shirts, pants and even sneakers. Specifically, that means 50 grams …