Reservoir Table Planter

Handmade in Brooklyn by multidisciplinary designer Virginia Sin and her team, the two-piece Reservoir Table Planter pairs a cone-shaped vessel with a stand that doubles as a drainage dish. Together, the simple, playful geometries complement the elegant stoneware texture. The functional ceramic piece measures 6.75 by 6.75 by 9.5 inches.

Holiday Gift Guides 2020: Winter Garden

Presents for plant parents and lovers of all things lush

Even (or especially) in the chilling depths of winter, plants offer a reminder of growth and life, nature and harmony. In turn, gifting something garden-related can act as inspiration. Whether you’re buying for somebody with acres of backyard or a tiny apartment jungle, cacti-killers or perfect plant parents, there are lots of practical and aesthetically pleasing options in our Winter Garden gift guide. From vases …

The Farmstand + Glow Rings

Lettuce Grow’s design-friendly and tech-forward hydroponic Farmstand system makes growing fruits, vegetables, leafy greens and herbs at home easy—using 95% less water than traditional gardening along the way. Each Farmstand (which comes in various size options to meet spatial and output needs) includes the stand (made of recycled ocean plastics), water pump, power cord and timer, as well as plant food for 130+ plants and …