Photo Journey: Infiniti Q30

Photographer Michael Schulz explores the new vehicle inside and out

Sponsored by Infiniti

On a recent adventure, CH founder Josh Rubin wound his way on foot through the historic city of Krakow, Poland—guided by Infiniti‘s new Seeker—a navigation device inspired by the Q30 which focuses on the journey, pointing drivers in the right direction, but allows for more exploration and freestyling. His Seeker-guided destination turned out to be another step in the journey: the Infiniti Q30. Rubin stepped …

360 Degree Test Drive: Infiniti Q30

We get behind the wheel and explore Krakow while being filmed for fully immersive viewing

Sponsored by Infiniti

Though I’ve taken many a test drive, my recent adventure with Infiniti in Krakow was like no other. The experience started on a balcony on an old corner in the historic city using a Seeker (Infiniti’s way-finder which was inspired by the Q30 and is essentially a divining rod for the digital age) to loosely chart a course. The digital divining rod pointed me out …