360 Degree Test Drive: Infiniti Q30

We get behind the wheel and explore Krakow while being filmed for fully immersive viewing

Sponsored by Infiniti

Though I’ve taken many a test drive, my recent adventure with Infiniti in Krakow was like no other. The experience started on a balcony on an old corner in the historic city using a Seeker (Infiniti’s way-finder which was inspired by the Q30 and is essentially a divining rod for the digital age) to loosely chart a course. The digital divining rod pointed me out of the old city, over a bridge and into a modern glass structure known as the ICE Building. Once inside, I found the Q30, jumped in and carefully drove out through the narrow doorway. The rest of the morning was spent driving around Krakow with no agenda besides exploring and getting to know the new little cross-over that’s setting a course for the future of Infiniti’s design.

The one anomaly to this journey—it was being filmed for the promotion you see above. And not only was it being filmed, it was being filmed using a virtual reality camera rig so that viewers can navigate 360 degrees to change perspective while watching the video. Static shots were combined with car-mounted cameras and drone follow-alongs to make the piece both immersive and engaging.

Regarding the car’s design, its flowing curvature brings edge and personality to Infiniti’s SUV and Crossover segment. There’s a strong nod to Japanese symbolism, most noted in the reflecting pool-like ripple pattern of the front grill. Its squat stature helps it look and feel like a car, though the ground clearance offers greater utility—it effortlessly glided over old Krakow’s large cobblestones.

The interior represents luxury through simplicity—there aren’t too many distractions as most controls are consolidated within the large-screen multimedia interface and manipulated through the dial controller in front of the armrest. The Around View Monitor shows a top-down bird’s-eye view of the car which is particularly helpful when navigating tight streets and small parking spaces.

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Images and video courtesy of Infiniti