Photo Journey: Infiniti Q30

Photographer Michael Schulz explores the new vehicle inside and out

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On a recent adventure, CH founder Josh Rubin wound his way on foot through the historic city of Krakow, Poland—guided by Infiniti‘s new Seeker—a navigation device inspired by the Q30 which focuses on the journey, pointing drivers in the right direction, but allows for more exploration and freestyling. His Seeker-guided destination turned out to be another step in the journey: the Infiniti Q30. Rubin stepped inside and carefully—with no set agenda—explored the city, while basking in the driving experience. All of this was filmed with a virtual reality camera rig allowing for a 360 video experience. Rubin’s delight was captured and it’s no surprise other creative people are being wowed by the new vehicle as well.

One such individual is photographer and popular Instagrammer Michael Schulz, also known as @berlinstagram, who was also offered a peek at the all-new Q30 in his hometown: Berlin. Schulz (like Rubin) found inspiration in the car’s design—especially its flowing lines and curves—and shot several glossy, character-filled photos of the auto for the brand.

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Images courtesy of Michael Schulz and Infiniti