Werkstatt-01 Synth

This patchable analog synthesizer kit from Moog is the legendary audio brand’s most affordable synth, and an ideal option for those just beginning to experiment. Easy to assemble, the device also comes with a CV Expander, which makes the synth compatible with CV-equipped analog gear. It’s also a great and flexible tool for more advanced enthusiasts who value simplicity and customization.

James Thornhill’s Free Zine Celebrates 40 Years of the Casio Keyboard

Music journalist James Thornhill has created a 20-page zine in celebration of the iconic Casio keyboard for its 40th anniversary. Printed in partnership with the instrument company, all 1,000 copies of the zine are free to claim for UK residents today. Once all are accounted for, they’ll be posted. Inside the publication, Thornhill spotlights vintage ads, details how each model was designed and highlights its …

Joué’s Entry-Level Instrument for Musical Experimentation, Joué Play

Available on Kickstarter now, a multifunctional tool that renders music production more approachable

Previewed at this year’s CES (where we tested it), Joué‘s multifunctional instrument Joué Play is both easy to use and expressive. Comprised of a set of silicone pads and a board, it’s a stark contrast from the company’s complex modular MIDI controller, which debuted on Kickstarter three years ago. The designers found the MIDI less approachable for beginners and dabblers, as much of the software …