LUMI, the Smart Piano Instructor

With an illuminated keyboard and an accompanying app, ROLI's newest device helps you master the instrument your own way

LUMI teaches you to play the piano by tapping into nostalgia and memory. Using songs you know and love (their library includes pop hits and indie gems), you’re led through each note sheet with familiar, almost video game-like instructions. As the notes flow toward you, you’re instructed to hit the appropriate key as each one appears at the foot of the screen. This simple, clever teaching approach is just one aspect of LUMI’s allure.

The device weighs 600g (almost the same as the iPad Pro) and can easily be stowed in a backpack or tote. It’s uniquely coded to be playable in almost any setting—as it follows the app’s lead. The device and app connect via Bluetooth, and two LUMIs can even connect for a 48-key instrument—one that’s uniquely proportioned (the keys are 5.5 inches in length) and has a similar plunge distance to that of a grand piano.

As you learn, your play-along sessions are spliced with fundamental lessons. You’ll learn keyboard techniques, positioning, scales and more. Soon enough, you’ll be uniquely equipped to play entire songs, teach others and even compose your own music. Once mastering the included programs, you can turn your focus toward the potential of the instrument: the LUMI doubles as a MIDI controller.

The LUMI is available for $187 via pre-order on Kickstarter and is expected to ship in October, when it will also be available for purchase for $250.

Images courtesy of LUMI