Geometric Masterpieces at Homo Faber 2022

Exploring the second edition of the Venetian event dedicated to the best of European and Japanese craft

Craftsmanship means passion, energy and dedication, precision and discipline. All of this is on display right now in Venice at Homo Faber, the second edition of the fair that celebrates fine craftwork. During the inaugural event in 2018, over 62,000 visitors had the opportunity to admire objects by hundreds of artisans from all over Europe, and see those creators work live. This year, Homo Faber—on now …

A24 Ceramic Set

Handmade in Japan by the artisans of the Hasami porcelain brand Maruhiro, this tea cup and saucer set incorporates the Jordan Awan-designed logo of the beloved independent media company A24. Available in pale pink, fire engine red, mustard yellow and grey, the stackable items align well with A24’s roster of exceptional, yet often unexpected product collaborations.

Bristol Studio’s Sophisticated Combination of Basketball, Japanese Design and Nostalgia

We speak with co-founders Luke Tadashi and MAASAI Ephriam about childhood memories, style and meditation

Founded by Luke Tadashi, with MAASAI Ephriam, Jake Fenster and Rashaad Dixon, LA-based studio and lifestyle brand Bristol Studio appeared on the scene in 2015 and hasn’t showed signs of slowing. Inspired by basketball but imbued with Japanese design and drenched in nostalgia, Bristol Studio garments are conceptual but practical, contemporary but classic. There’s a certain charm and authenticity to each design, as they are …