Six Thoughtful New Cookbooks

Elevate your home chef skills with these diverse guides

More than how-to guides, cookbooks tell stories—whether it’s once-lost traditions or modern-day innovations. In these recently published cookbooks, readers can learn secret family recipes, inventive plant-based dishes, clever fermented fare and much more. And, beyond the delicious dishes, each of these creative books tell a unique tale—from a love letter to Detroit, to a thoughtful approach to dining solo—that will simultaneously elevate your kitchen skills. A …

Holiday Gift Guides 2018: Japanophile

From indigo apparel to well-designed homewares and celebrations of the country's culture

One of the world’s fastest growing tourist destinations, Japan‘s allure cannot be attributed to any specific sector. Be it cuisine or culture, design and architecture, cities of the future or quiet reprieves, the island nation offers unparalleled experiences. This is why we continue to return and explore. On the ground, we’ve seen this magnetism translate into the development of many globally acclaimed products, too. We …

Inside Japan’s KitKat Factory

From the carpark to the chocolate tank room, baking line, moulding queue and beyond, this series of videos takes viewers on a tour of the KitKat factory in Japan’s Ibaraki Prefecture. Beginning with intense hygiene and cleaning rituals, the videos are “weird and wonderful” and entirely enthralling. See them all at Core77.