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Songs by Okay Kaya, The Delirians, The Cars, Eddie Money and more this week

Okay Kaya: Ascend And Try Again Set to appear on Norwegian-born, NYC-based Okay Kaya’s next album (which is due out next year), “Ascend And Try Again” combines multiple genres, melding them together with haunting songwriting. The track itself literally describes the artist’s attempt to becoming scuba-certified for a role in a Swedish film—she was prone to ear infections and had to bow out—but it also …

Seb Zillner feat. Feux + Kalifornia Kurt: Wiley

Slow-burning and riddled with random accents, Glendale-based Seb Zillner’s “Wiley” taps Austrian producers Feux and Kalifornia Kurt for support. The result is a multi-faceted tune with electronic, funk, jazz and jam band influences. And while listeners don’t know where the track is heading next, or what instrument just chimed in, the element of surprise means the song is super-engaging and warrants repeat listens.

Jonah Yano feat. Nono: Perfume

Slipping into a genre of its own that could perhaps be dubbed digital jazz, Toronto-based Jonah Yano and Vancouver-based producer Nono’s “Perfume” (from Yano’s debut EP Nervous) is delightfully of-the-internet, yet undeniably jazzy. “I know you’re not around / you fled to solid ground / but you’re in my head, safe and sound / like perfume,” Yano sings. There’s longing in his voice and, as …