Raveena’s Valentine’s Day Playlist for COOL HUNTING

The LA-based singer-songwriter's multi-track love potion

“Aren’t all songs love songs?” asks Raveena (aka Raveena Aurora), as we correspond about her making a Valentine’s Day playlist for COOL HUNTING. “Isn’t all music an extension of the loving energy of the universe, or the absence or disconnection from it?” Her just-released single “Tweety” gloriously encapsulates that energy—specifically the feeling of being lovestruck—through silky falsetto, warbling synths and tinges of nostalgia. She wrote the …

Allmos feat. Paul Grant + CARRTOONS: Amelie Emily Enni

Spellbinding and mellow, “Amelie Emily Enni” is the newest release from Allmos, the solo moniker of Allan Cole (aka half of the production duo The Stuyvesants), featuring Paul Grant on electric guitar and CARRTOONS on bass. From the Mostly Remixes EP (set for release later this month), the gorgeously produced instrumental feels simultaneously fluid and languid, while remaining super-tight.

Oda Brings the Intimacy of Live Performance Home

A pair of wooden speakers play seasonal shows with a subscription

Oda acts as the “two cans and a string” connecting at-home listeners to live performances by artists of all ages. Sold as a kit comprised of two flat wooden speakers, a controller and a seasonal membership (billed separately), Oda somewhat fills the void left by the cancellation of live shows—from stadium concerts to DJ nights at clubs and intimate gigs in bars and cafes. Interestingly …