Bernice: Underneath My Toe

Toronto-based group Bernice shares the pretty tune “Underneath My Toe,” carried by singer-songwriter Robin Dann’s delicate vocals. With elements of soft jazz, lo-fi funk and pop, the track is an ode to an absent friend. Dann says, “We were really missing our friend Devon Sproule. We were missing a lot of friends back when we wrote this album. Thom and I sat down and asked ourselves what we wanted to say to her, what does any friend want to say to their pal who’s far away? Toe became the balm for the missing feeling, and when we shared it with her, she (as usual) distilled the feeling perfectly, saying ‘It feels like two important things smooshed together: how complicated it feels to be a person, and to live with other people, in a house or a city…and then how simple love can feel, like love from an animal friend, or how it feels to be connected to the Earth.'”