Kehlani: little story

The second single from Kehlani’s forthcoming third studio album, blue water road, “little story” premieres with a beautiful black and white music video. Kehlani and Alexandra Thurmond co-directed the visuals, which intercut intimate close-ups with scenes of the outdoors, a surrealist violin sequence and a tender conclusion that features the singer’s two-year-old daughter.

Naomi Banks’ Farewell to 2018 Playlist For COOL HUNTING

The London-based singer selects songs by SAFIA, Kehlani, Blossom and more

Fusing genres, London-based Naomi Banks released her debut EP Deja Vu last month and it’s a lush, immersive soundscape blending jazz, electronic, neo-soul and more. Emotive and tender, powerful and soaring, Banks’ songs strike a heartstring. “I think people listen to music and lyrics so differently, which makes it difficult to create something that will be received in the same way,” she tells us. “I have tried …

Kehlani: CRZY

Kehlani’s You Should Be Here was a gift that kept giving last year, and now she helps us cling to summer with her new video for “CRZY.” The sun-drenched clip features Kehlani and a diverse bunch of dancers showing off moves choreographed by Antoine Troupe, a birthday party and a cast made up of the Oakland-based singer’s real friends. It’s a party tune that’s full …