Naomi Banks’ Farewell to 2018 Playlist For COOL HUNTING

The London-based singer selects songs by SAFIA, Kehlani, Blossom and more

Fusing genres, London-based Naomi Banks released her debut EP Deja Vu last month and it’s a lush, immersive soundscape blending jazz, electronic, neo-soul and more. Emotive and tender, powerful and soaring, Banks’ songs strike a heartstring. “I think people listen to music and lyrics so differently, which makes it difficult to create something that will be received in the same way,” she tells us. “I have tried to keep everything very chilled and easy to listen to while having a deeper story they can look into if they choose to.”

On songwriting, she tells us, “I don’t really listen to songs I’ve written once I finish them, but I am still enjoying performing the tracks. I do feel however, like I have grown a lot musically since writing these so I really look forward to releasing the music I’ve written since.”

Concurrently reflecting on the year and looking toward the future, Banks selected 20 songs for a cruise-y playlist to wrap up the year that was. With old and new tunes from the likes of SAFIA, Kehlani, Blossom and more, the selection makes for a satisfying and ultimately uplifting playlist. As for 2019, we asked Banks what her wishes are: “Wishes. I wish for more wishes.”