Listen Up

Surf-rock, dance-pop, and funk-inflected tunes, as well as a few of our other favorite tracks this week

U.S. Girls: 4 American Dollars A playful tune about the perils of living in our money-driven society, “4 American Dollars” by U.S. Girls (aka Meghan Remy) features poignant lyrics about the inner workings of our economy and Remy’s bank balance: “In this world where they say: ‘It’s not personal, it’s business’ / Moving numbers from account to account / Keeping secrets in an offshore fount / My money is …

King Krule: Cellular

Well-known for his rap-sung dystopian, surf-rock tunes, King Krule (aka Archy Ivan Marshall) released a new single that doesn’t deviate from his signature style but offers something undeniably different too. Within, there are moments of expansion and ascension. Krule doesn’t make his vocal presence known until the one-minute mark, when he drops his anticipated cadence. The accompanying visual treatment, animated and directed by Jamie Wolfe, …

Mount Kimbie feat. King Krule: Turtle Neck Man

Recorded during the sessions for Mount Kimbie’s Love What Survives last year, “Turtle Neck Man” is a previously unreleased tune featuring frequent collaborator King Krule. Set on a loping synth soundscape, King Krule (aka Archy Marshall) offers a stream-of-consciousness-style spoken word that’s almost stony in delivery. The result is an intoxicating fever dream.