Anyday’s Microwave Cookware

Four bowls with features designed to enhance the capabilities of the countertop appliance

While neither new nor fancy, the microwave is one of Anyday founder Steph Chen’s favorite appliances. Pots and pans for ovens and stoves are too numerous to count, but there aren’t many cookware collections designed especially for the microwave—despite them inhabiting 90% of kitchens. Chen aimed to change that through Anyday, with the goal “to make it much easier and faster for people to cook delicious, …

Ode Brew Grinder

An elegant and timeless looking at-home coffee essential, Fellow’s powerful Ode Brew Grinder specializes in transforming beans into grinds for brewed coffee—pour-overs, drip, French press and more. The professional-grade appliance uses stainless steel flat burrs with 31 different grind settings for absolute customization. And delight is in the details, like the catch that magnetically aligns so grounds never make a mess.

Ghetto Gastro + CRUX’s Collaborative CRUXGG Kitchen Appliance Line

Seven appliances in colors that reference the Pan-African flag

The Bronx-born Ghetto Gastro collective (made up of Jon Gray, Lester Walker and Pierre Serrão) uses food as a vehicle for storytelling, educating and—in the spirit of their party-hosting origins—celebrating. They’ve released merchandise and held virtual cooking experiences, almost always in the name of Black empowerment and for the sake of protecting Black joy. They draw direct lines from Black cuisine to the foundation of …