Wolf Gourmet’s Countertop Multi-Function Cooker

With seven modes, this dynamic appliance won't take over too much space

Countertop appliances rarely solve several confounding issues; they’re one-dimensional and space-saving or they aim to serve multiple functions and end up being too big for their own intentions. But Wolf Gourmet‘s multi-function cooker (which is a sous vide, slow cooker, rice cooker and Dutch oven) comes closest to being both useful and practical.

Measuring 17 by 12 inches, the cooker isn’t overbearing for most cramped countertops. Though with its sizable weight (28 pounds), it isn’t necessarily the most mobile appliance, either. But it doesn’t need to be—there’s a removable stainless steel vessel that can be used on its own (without the cooker itself) for cooking or to transport your creations.

With the vessel complete, the cooker can perform all of its modes and offers a large seven-quart interior capacity. The appliance also comes with its own thermometer, which can be used to program and monitor a dish to your preference. Any mess you may make can be easily scrubbed off the stainless steel interior and exterior.

While no all-in-one solution is perfect, this one comes close. It’s part of a full line of countertop appliances—all of equal premium style, heft and functionality—which includes toasters, coffee machines, griddles and more.

The Wolf Gourmet Multi-Function Cooker, other appliances and various cookware and utensils are all available online.

Images courtesy of Wolf Gourmet