Original Bulgogi Sauce

Sisters Ann and Janet Chung combined their Korean roots and Texas upbringing to create their Original Bulgogi Sauce, a mouthwatering marinade flavored with toasted sesame seeds, garlic, black pepper and a hint of apple juice. Based on their family’s recipe, the sauce is gluten-free, kosher and very versatile; suitable with everything from barbecues to Korean staples and beyond.

The Ancient Methodology and Depth Behind Hana Makgeolli’s Fermented Wines

In NYC, this brewery and tasting room offer a rare taste of Korean tradition

From as early as the Neolithic era, humans across cultures have used fermentation to produce succulent, imaginative beverages. Be it 7000 to 6600 BCE in China, 5000 BCE in India or 3150 BCE in ancient Egypt, fermentation’s ancient technology has been cultivated and expanded throughout the ages. In Korea, the process is used to create vastly different alcoholic beverages, which are referred to under the …

New Cookbook “Korean American” Boldly Disrupts the Culinary Canon

Author and chef Eric Kim tells us about the power of surprising flavors and what it means to be Korean American

When food columnist Eric Kim published his second article with The New York Times, he broke out in hives. The article “was about banchan (the collective name that refers to side dishes in Korean cuisine)—a harmless piece,” Kim admits. “But because I was so worried about upsetting Korean people, I got shingles.” His nervousness was not unfounded. In the past, when Kim published his recipes—which …