Monster Energy Cup Supercross Series

A Las Vegas event like no other

Anything but a “regular” supercross race, this year’s three-event Monster Energy Cup (now in its seventh year) was different for a few reasons. Not only was the prize money absurd ($250,000 with an additional $1 million for a triple-win), but there was a chance for a fan to win the same amount. Prior to the Las Vegas event, a sweepstakes was held with 10 winners from around …

Expectations and Rumors Around CES 2018

As we rapidly approach one of the year’s most exciting technology showcases, CES aka the Consumer Electronics Show, Endgadget author Daniel Cooper has compiled many of the rumors and expectations—from “low-power, super-efficient” personal computers to budget mobile phones, sleep sensors, 4K TVs and more. Developments can be expected in both gaming and smart home systems. Of course, we’re all excited about a new wave of …

Translating Sound To Color: Tim Bavington

Music translated into grandiose paintings by a British artist in the American desert

Drawing inspiration from the neon mania of surrounding Las Vegas, NV, artist Tim Bavington does’t shy away from bold colors. Combining his artistic prowess with his love of music, Bavington invented a color-coded chord wheel that lets him translate songs into paintings. With each line representing a different note or chord, he brings music to life on canvas.