Hill City Finds Room in a Crowded Space

How the brand set out to make clothing for men based on their real-time feedback

Gap is introducing a new line of men’s basics today: Hill City. The under-their-umbrella brand is helmed by a team of in-house creatives including Noah Palmer, a former professional soccer player, new dad and brand director. Aimed at being the answer to the daily quarrels of outfit change after outfit change, Hill City is making a collection of high-performance clothing that looks acceptable in nearly any …

Watch The Launch of China’s Tiangong-2 Space Lab

Conducting 14 more experiments in space, astronauts aboard China’s Tiangong-2 space lab were zoomed off into space this week—and will remain on the orbiting station for up to 30 days. Research will focus on various fields; from advanced plant cultivation to space-to-earth quantum communications and more. The take-off was live-streamed online, thanks to CCTV.

The Dawn of Mars Exploration

With NASA’s Orion spacecraft successfully completing a punishing 4.5-hour test flight, America has entered a new age of space exploration that could one day land astronauts on Mars. After launching 3,600 miles away from Earth at hypersonic speeds, Orion was tasked with orbiting the planet twice and analyzing a radiation-rich cosmic cloud before hurling itself back home in a 20,000 mph, 4,000°F descent flight into …