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Ikea PS 2012 and Knäppa

Cardboard cameras document a retrospective line from IKEA


During Salone del Mobile, Ikea took the opportunity to unveil the new PS 2012 collection in the emerging space from Ventura Lambrate. All the designers involved in the project were asked to go through the history of the company, reinventing old pieces and styles. The result is a colorful and clever series of objects, carpets, furniture and textiles.


Some of the products focus on sustainability, like a bowl designed by Marcus Arvonen which comes in either PET recycled plastic or WPC, a special combination of plastic and wood fiber.


Jon Karlsson took inspiration from teak tables of the ’50s, upgrading them with more resilient, faster-growing bamboo.

Green design for the home is another key touchstone in this collection. The vertical pedestal designed by Nicolas Cortolezzis can hold up to three vases, and Henrik Preutz has thought up a series of small tables, whose common thread is a bamboo structure with surfaces for plants.


The real surprise with the exhibition was Knäppa, a cardboard digital camera designed by Jesper Kouthoofd for the launch of PS 2012.


Of course we seized the chance to use the camera, following the instructions uploaded onto the camera itself, along with a sample photo. Taking pictures is very simple, although the sensor needs full light and a firm hand to take acceptable photographs.

Instead of a viewfinder the camera features just a simple square hole. It’s a surprising throwback experience, recalling the very first digital cameras—eight seconds are necessary for each image to be fully captured. While the quality of the images is slightly blurry and shady, it reveals a Hipstamatic-like aesthetic.

Starting in May, customers will be asked to take pictures of their Ikea PS pieces and share them on a dedicated website. So far, the company has uploaded pictures of six Swedish homes, but in the future it will be possible to see private environments from all over the world, shot with the Knäppa, with browsing available by product, country, most liked and recently uploaded pictures.


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