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Blueland + Reformation

Routine Clean Kit


Comprising 40 laundry tablets, one 16-ounce dish soap powder, one 19-ounce hand soap tablet and one 20-ounce multi-surface cleaner tablet, Blueland + Reformation’s Routine Clean Kit encourages ditching the toxic chemicals for …


Round Laundry Basket


Yamazaki’s stylish laundry basket pairs a white steel frame (which measures 16 by 16 by 18 inches) with comfortable wooden handles. The Japan-designed basket can carry up to 22 pounds of laundry, …

Parachute Bag


Made from recycled US Air Force parachutes, this KILLSPENCER parachute bag is guaranteed to be rip-resistant, lightweight, and literally, military-grade. The same way that Airmen trusted this material to guide them to …

Rose 31 Detergent


Modern perfumery and quality detergent merge in The Laundress and Le Labo’s collaboration. Determined to bring luxury to your laundry, the Rose 31 concoction is a super-concentrated formula (meaning you should get …

Mr Black Denim Wash


Though we would suggest you never wash raw denim jeans, there often comes a time when the choice is made for you (like when they start to stink). Mr. Black Denim Wash …

Wool Dryer Balls


Herbalist Brooke Petry throws a great deal of charm and passion into the unlikely trade of making all-natural woolen dryer balls. The idea behind the balls is to replace the chemical effect …

Wax Bottle Candle


The most recognized brand packaging in recent history makes a quiet statement on consumerism when stripped down and spun into a wax candle. There’s something comforting and industrial about burning such an …

World’s Greatest Laundry Bag


Scavenge for quarters, haul a heavy load down three flights, embarrassingly sort dirty gym clothes in semi-public space—and that’s only the beginning. But we continue the task because the reward of clean …