Book + Record Pairings That Highlight Milestones From NYC’s Music Scene

A nostalgic look at the some of the delights from the wildly influential cultural hub

No list of musical moments will ever come close to the momentous gravity of NYC’s influence on sound over the last century plus. The following pairings, however, aim to tap into some of our personal favorite milestones in the midst of it all. Some of them—the Beastie Boys Book and Paul’s Boutique, for example—connect directly. Others—like last year’s exquisite photographic study of the Chelsea Hotel and …

LCD Soundsystem: I Want Your Love (Chic Cover)

For Spotify’s Singles, LCD Soundsystem has covered a disco classic: Chic’s “I Want Your Love,” and (unsurprisingly) the results are delightful. Blending the song with their own “Home” (from 2010’s This Is Happening), the rendition is faithful to the original yet unmistakable as the NYC outfit’s take on the tune. Disco meets a new wave, post-punk vibe in a seamless manner here.

LCD Soundsystem: Call the Police

In a one-two punch, LCD Soundsystem dropped two brand new tracks in the wee hours last night. They’re the first releases since the band announced their reunion more than a year ago and will appear on a forthcoming (nearly complete) LP. Our favorite of the two, “Call the Police,” keeps an electric charge throughout its entire seven-minute runtime. And despite the gravity of the lyrics, …