L16 Camera

With Light’s googly-eyed, multi-lensed camera—the L16—quantity and quality exist simultaneously. When taking a photo, the camera’s whopping 16 different lenses fire a once, piecing together a massive 52-megapixel image, and it’s all controlled through a user-friendly operating system and touchscreen. The first-of-its-kind camera is now available for pre-order, with plans to deliver during the summer of 2016.

Light’s L16 Pocket-Sized Multi-Aperture Camera

Advanced optics unite multiple captured images for DSLR-quality photographs

No other camera looks quite like the newly announced Light L16, with one side featuring a whopping 16 lenses. This visual assessment immediately reveals just how advanced the technology is within the device. When capturing an image, all lenses fire at different focal lengths and a computational software within the camera assembles them to maximize every pixel. The fusion begets a picture with an image …