Light’s L16 Pocket-Sized Multi-Aperture Camera

Advanced optics unite multiple captured images for DSLR-quality photographs

No other camera looks quite like the newly announced Light L16, with one side featuring a whopping 16 lenses. This visual assessment immediately reveals just how advanced the technology is within the device. When capturing an image, all lenses fire at different focal lengths and a computational software within the camera assembles them to maximize every pixel. The fusion begets a picture with an image quality up to 52 megapixels. Additionally, when porting visuals from the camera to a computer, all of the individual shots within the master image can be accessed. When Dave Grannan and Rajiv Laroia founded Light in 2013 they set out to radicalize camera technology while keeping everything easy. The L16 conveys this.

The advantages of a camera like this are plentiful. First, there’s an easy operating system, allowing for intuitive use of the camera and quick adjustments to how users plan on landing something desirable. Second, the portability makes it a delight to carry—it’s substantially smaller and weighs far less than a DSLR camera. There’s also no need for any additional equipment: everything is already inside. And ultimately, if you aren’t pleased with the final image, there are all those pre-composite images at your disposal.

Among the key features, an integrated 35mm-150mm optical zoom stands paramount. This is the heart of the technology gathering so much data. This also means the camera provides great low-light performance, and of course, it captures very high resolution images. Finally, the touchscreen interface, measuring five inches, comes complete with editing services and even social network sharing. As an additional perk, it’s pretty fun to capture people’s expressions when one takes the camera out to photograph for the first time and they immediately wonder what they’re looking at.

A limited quantity of the Light L16 will be available for pre-order on 7 November 2015, at $1,300. Afterward, it will retail and ship in late summer 2016 at a price of $1,700.

Images by Josh Rubin