Full-Spectrum CBD Lip Balm

Colorado-based Veritas Farms’ CBD lip balm provides soothing short-term treatment that won’t dry your lips in the long-term. The full-spectrum hemp oil doesn’t give you a buzz, but your lips will be happy with an all-natural formula that works immediately and deeply. What you will notice is the tropical flavor; the orange cream balm is akin to a frozen sherbet push-pop.

Three-Pack Lip Balm

While some people’s idea of kissable lips is glossy ones, Harry’s understands that many of us just want an inconspicuous way to soothe chapped lips. Made with shea butter, their new lip balm relieves lips and also protects from the sun thanks to its SPF 15 formula. With a peppermint flavor and no shiny residue, this lip salve (which comes in a three-pack) is for …

Amsterdam-based, Japanese-inspired Kiyoko

A new lifestyle line with just two products thus far: lip balm and a sweater

With their debut product being a quality, 100% natural lip balm (“that softens your lips on a sunny morning after a swim in the lake,” the minimalist packaging reads), many (incorrectly) considered the mysterious brand Kiyoko to be a new skincare line. Founded in Amsterdam by two friends Evelien Emondts and Merel Groenenboom, Kiyoko is actually a lifestyle brand prioritizing good quality and design. The …