Amsterdam-based, Japanese-inspired Kiyoko

A new lifestyle line with just two products thus far: lip balm and a sweater

With their debut product being a quality, 100% natural lip balm (“that softens your lips on a sunny morning after a swim in the lake,” the minimalist packaging reads), many (incorrectly) considered the mysterious brand Kiyoko to be a new skincare line. Founded in Amsterdam by two friends Evelien Emondts and Merel Groenenboom, Kiyoko is actually a lifestyle brand prioritizing good quality and design. The Japanese name is a mark of respect for the culture they admire and are inspired by.

Months later, Kiyoko’s second product launch turns out to be a unisex beautiful grey sweater, made from 100% organic cotton in Istanbul. The printed Japanese quote translates to “You cannot catch a tiger cub unless you enter the tiger’s den”—hinting at Kiyoko’s driving mission. Each of the two products epitomizes the brand’s dedication to quality and detail, making us excited for whatever the duo will tackle next. Mostly, it’s just refreshing to visit an online shop with just two things on offer.

Images courtesy of Kiyoko