3 Women Makes Unisex Garments From Upcycled Rice Sacks

Through resourcefulness and creativity, this women-owned clothing brand proves "every little piece can be sustainable"

For most people, rice is a household staple—the basic yet completely essential ingredient to a host of dishes enjoyed all around the world. But to Crystal Lee Early and Natalie Mumford, the founders of 3 Women, the grain is also synonymous with fashion. Early and Mumford’s Long Beach, California brick-and-mortar store opened in 2018 as a vintage shop, until the duo started transforming repurposed textiles …

WORLDZ Summit 2019 Aims to Prepare Attendees for the Future

Engage, network and ideate with leaders in culture, technology and social impact

Presented in partnership with WORLDZ

This year’s WORLDZ Summit (10 and 11 September 2019) in Long Beach, California, aims to connect attendees to “the world’s most influential business and cultural leaders to learn, build your network and elevate your career.” It’s an opportunity to hear from diverse voices and thinkers drawn across a number of industries. Guests are encouraged to engage, network and ideate with and learn from others—whether by …