WORLDZ Summit 2019 Aims to Prepare Attendees for the Future

Engage, network and ideate with leaders in culture, technology and social impact

Presented in partnership with WORLDZ

This year’s WORLDZ Summit (10 and 11 September 2019) in Long Beach, California, aims to connect attendees to “the world’s most influential business and cultural leaders to learn, build your network and elevate your career.” It’s an opportunity to hear from diverse voices and thinkers drawn across a number of industries. Guests are encouraged to engage, network and ideate with and learn from others—whether by enrolling in some of the conference’s auxiliary events or through perusing activations from its sponsors (HuluT-Mobile, Mastercard and Nike included).

Courtesy of WORLDZ

Speakers taking part in this year’s programming include Shaquille O’Neal, Calvin Klein CMO Marie Gulin-Merle, Buzzfeed CEO Jonah Peretti, Snap Inc. Chief Business Officer Jeremi Gorman and countless others. They will appear on stages and in panels throughout the two-day conference, and alongside other events that include Master Courses (51 attendees per class), Meet the Masters (one-on-one sessions), Mentorship Lunches (10 attendees per mentor) and the WORLDZ Launchpad, which is for early stage start-ups to present their business plans and concepts to VCs and brands.

For the latter, applicants are asked to have a working product, to have raised $1-$5 million already and to be founded no earlier than 2013. Chosen applicants will be presenting to representatives from Greylock Partners, Andreessen Horowitz, Google, Vice, Samsung, and more.

Courtesy of WORLDZ

For interested parties that don’t sell products but rather aim to spread a message or mission, WORLDZ GoodFronts (which raised $10 million for participants last year) is aimed at “connecting some of the globe’s most ambitious social good organizations with the resources they need to achieve their mission.” Applications are now open for this too.

Courtesy of WORLDZ

WORLDZ, Fast Company and Inc. are also seeking nominations (and applicants) for this year’s Creators of Tomorrow class, which features “innovators from around the globe who are pushing our world and culture forward.” These inventors, disruptors and change-agents, or future Creators of Tomorrow, will present in front of judges—and awardees will receive a bevy of benefits.

Courtesy of WORLDZ

If you do not fall into any of the last three highlighted categories, you’re still welcome to join as these avenues are just a portion of the summit’s many offerings. Registration is open now for the September event, starting at $1,450 for a general pass.

COOL HUNTING’s co-founders have spoken at and attended previous WORLDZ conferences and are CH is a continuing media partner for the event.