Love Songs by Queer Artists

To celebrate Pride, some of the COOL HUNTING team's favorite tunes by LGBTQ+ musicians

To celebrate Pride and all versions of love—romantic, platonic, familial, quiet, loud, playful, secret, spiritual, enduring—COOL HUNTING’s editorial team assembled a playlist. Eschewing gay anthems for love songs, the selections are by some of our favorite contemporary queer artists. Spanning genres and defying categories, every track is imbued with emotion—whether it’s about a brief dance floor romance or a transformative relationship. From Raveena and Troye …

Los Retros: It’s Got To Be You

Oxnard, California-based funk recording artist Los Retros (aka Mauri Tapia) debuted a laidback, slow-burning love song, “It’s Got To Be You.” Released with an animated video by Lorenzo Mercanti that features a pair of characters dancing, intertwined, until becoming a flower, it’s altogether endearing—with a DIY spirit and vintage feel.

Lee Fields & The Expressions: You’re What’s Needed In My Life

With a discography dating back to 1969, Lee Fields—now of Lee Fields & The Expressions—hasn’t slowed at all. Their newest tune, “You’re What’s Needed In My Life,” is a classic love song with horns, a bluesy guitar and soulful back-up singers. Chivalrous, jubilant and gushing, Fields croons about his love’s endless list of qualities—it’s delightful listening for all ears. The release will appear on the …