Dope Girls Zine

Volume 6 of feminist cannabis culture zine Dope Girls is focused on a “blurry” theme. From Instagram filters to literal visual impairment, the publication’s various editors and contributors cover all kinds of topics via essays, comics, art and even a map that tracks the USA’s drug laws. (There’s even a “stoner-themed” crossword for word nerds.) Plus, a portion of proceeds are donated to Planned Parenthood …

The Plant Magazine

Out of Barcelona comes this bi-annual journal where each issue focuses on a single botanical species through photography, personal anecdotes, recipes, fictional stories and much more, from creatives with a penchant for plants.

Komfort Magazine

Prague's go-to journal for emerging talent in the field of visual art and design

by Adam tch Komfort Magazine was founded in 2008 by an industrious group of Czech creatives, including typographer Radek Sidun, graphic designers Olga Beneov and Robert V. Novk, editor and writer Pavel Turek and director Tom Luk. All of the founding members had previous experience in print media, writing, editing and doing creative direction for some (now-closed) independent and commercial magazines. The lack of quality …