Komfort Magazine

Prague's go-to journal for emerging talent in the field of visual art and design

by Adam tch


Komfort Magazine was founded in 2008 by an industrious group of Czech creatives, including typographer Radek Sidun, graphic designers Olga Beneov and Robert V. Novk, editor and writer Pavel Turek and director Tom Luk. All of the founding members had previous experience in print media, writing, editing and doing creative direction for some (now-closed) independent and commercial magazines. The lack of quality print publications interested in presenting the work of youngest talents in the field of visual arts led the team to establish their own artistic journal, and Komfort is the fantastic upshot of their frustration.


The magazine functions as a platform for creating special editorial content and commissioned projects which represent the individual creators. Since the inaugural edition, each issue has been dedicated to a specific theme. Readers can find mainly photo editorials from prolific and emerging Czech photographers, illustrated editorials and reports, essays or short stories and novels. “The goal of the project is to allow authors to break out of their individual art disciplines and to offer attractive and informed synthesis of current happenings in Czech visual culture in the age of disappearing inter-disciplinary barriers,” explains Turek.


The visual format of the magazine is helmed by Sidun and Beneov. A little bigger than the classic A5 format, it is rich in typography and a selection of special or hidden typefaces are used in different conceptual contexts. “One of our specific features of the magazine is separating the text and pictures. If you do not want to read the text, you can just see the images. If you want to read, you know where you can find the text,” says Beneov.


Komfort magazine is published bi-annually and is distributed in select stores in Europe and the US. And it’s not only the magazine; the Komfort team also creates special products, like illustrated notebooks, in collaboration with various artists.

Images courtesy of Komfort Magazine