99 Cent Store Postcard

Vanessa Lilak’s bold, colorful illustrations span subject matter, but her postcards all depict couples performing sex acts in various public (sometimes humorous) locations—from a foot clinic at a strip mall to the behemoth Scientology Center in Hollywood. A graphic designer at Capitol Records and a freelance artist, Lilak creates playful works, often drenched in irreverence.

Mark Mothersbaugh + Beatie Wolfe’s “Postcards for Democracy” Project

Support the country's crucial postal service and create a collective work of art at the same time

Equal parts political, creative, playful and practical, Mark Mothersbaugh and Beatie Wolfe’s Postcards for Democracy calls for tangible public interest and action in saving the USPS—an essential civic institution and fundamental element of the United States. Whether one sees it as sabotage or a misguided lack of funding, the demise of the postal service will lead to a catastrophic election, as millions around the country …

Send Yourself a Postcard and Donate to Important Organizations

Conceptualized by Denver-based design agency Cultivator, the “Remind Me What Matters” project was created to be “a reminder that even in the toughest times, something positive can always come out of it.” The activation is charitable in nature, but also encourages people to be kind to those around us, and to ourselves. In order to take part, begin by simply choosing a postcard from Cultivator’s …