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Vanessa Lilak

99 Cent Store Postcard


Vanessa Lilak’s bold, colorful illustrations span subject matter, but her postcards all depict couples performing sex acts in various public (sometimes humorous) locations—from a foot clinic at a strip mall to the …


Big Bend Priority Mail Postal Stamps


There’s nothing quite as special as a hand-written note sent through snail mail and, with the USPS currently under threat, there’s no better time to buy stamps. There are 78 designs to …

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Mongolia’s New Postal System

The Mongol post has several hurdles to jump over in order to deliver mail: a quarter of the country’s population is nomadic, roads rarely have well-known names, and the country is huge …

Letter Opener


Why is it that most letter openers look like they could be murder weapons? Thankfully, these striking options are made from cattle horn, handcrafted in Bøvlingbjerg, Denmark by historical company Hornvarefabrikken. While …

Posh Stamps


These Posh Stamps are exactly as advertised, and will add a major dose of formal flair and old world elegance to even the most mundane of correspondence. From Moko Sellers, the East …

Custom Address Stamp


Save your favorite pen pal a little time and effort with a hand-lettered return address stamp created in the shape of their home state.