Professional Surfer Kai Lenny on Routine, Fear and Big Waves

From Portugal's Nazaré to Maui's Jaws, big-wave surfing demands practice, skill, courage and camaraderie

Unlike any other professional sport, surf competitions, especially big-wave surf competitions, require a literal perfect storm of conditions. Swell height and intervals, wind speed and direction, tidal shifts and weather—they all must align for a contest to be greenlit. Once the call goes out, the cadre of invitees and alternates from all over the world board last-minute flights, scramble for rental cars and descend upon …

Best of CH 2022: Editors’ Favorites

Stories where we found community, indulged in creativity and celebrated innovation

Reflecting on the year through the stories we loved most is not only a nostalgic pastime, but it also lets us highlight and appreciate some of the memorable artists, inventions and places that invigorated and sustained us along the way. This year, we spoke with inspiring cultural innovators, explored large-scale art and maximalist hotels, we found community and indulged in creativity. Below, our favorite features …

Word of Mouth: Maui

Adventures, farm-to-table dining and more on the idyllic Valley Isle

Presented by KAYAK

The idyllic and magical island of Maui is #1 this year on KAYAK’s 2018 Trending Destinations List—made up of the destinations seeing the biggest search increases year over year. Certainly a favorite with CH, Hawaii‘s archipelago offers stunning views, majestic national parks, some of the best surfing in the world and so much more. Known as the Valley Isle, Maui is the second-biggest Hawaiian island …