This Font Might Improve Your Memory

A new typeface—the result of a collaboration between RMIT University’s design school and its behavioral business lab—may increase the amount of information we retain from reading. Called Sans Forgetica, it was conceptualized for students cramming for big exams. With lots of backward slants and gaps, the type makes use of a design principle called “desirable difficulty” which slows the reader down, resulting in more retention …

Ecca Vandal feat. Sampa The Great: Your Orbit

Two Australian talents come together for the dynamic new track “Your Orbit.” Blending a ’90s jazzy hip-hop vibe with some soulful grooves, Ecca Vandal and Sampa The Great deliver a buoyant jam that’s textured and rich. This is a super-breezy, summer-ready tune.

Tom Blachford’s “Noct Angeles” Photo Series

A collection of haunting LA images at night by the talented Melbourne-based artist

Perhaps one of the most photographed cities in the world, there aren’t many angles LA hasn’t been viewed from. But in his new series “Noct Angeles,” the Melbourne-based photographer Tom Blachford has managed to capture a side of the city not as often photographed. Rather than sunny vistas including palm trees, Venice Beach lifeguards, the Hollywood sign and other clichés, Blachford has created a series …