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World’s First Material With Innate Brain-Like Learning

Muhammad Samizadeh Nikoo—an electrical engineering PhD student at Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne’s POWERlab—recently discovered a brain-like learning ability in vanadium dioxide (VO2). When observing how long VO2 (an inorganic compound) takes …

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This Glove-Like Device Encourages Lucid Dreaming

Though still in development trials, the new “Dormio” device invented by MIT researchers shows potential for aiding lucid dreaming—or more specifically, hypnagogic microdreams. Using the “steel ball technique” (popularized a century ago …

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Why Remembering Names is So Hard

Have you ever met someone at a party and soon after introducing yourselves realize you don’t remember their name? Turns out you aren’t the only one. Research shows that forgetting someone’s name …

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Memolio Giveaway

A quick three-step process, Memolio turns digital images into transportable pictures. The compact album houses 24 images on durable, water-resistant card stock within personalized front and back covers. Ideal as mini portfolios …

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Memolio Picture Albums

For archivists or self-promoters, Memolio publishes small decks of multiple images. Whether handing them out as mini portfolios, creating albums to commemorate special events or giving them as gifts, the unlimited options …

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Ooms Memory Stick

Oooms made the rounds last week — check out the geeky visual pun, intended to stand out against the slick plastics of normal office gear, on We Make Money Not Art and …

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Mimobot Giveaway!

As a little holiday treat we teamed up with Mimoco to give away full sets of 256MB goSeries Mimobots (Magma, Galaxor, Vera, Jolibear, & Ta2b) to two lucky readers. The rules are …